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Areas Of Expertise

Scott Sanford and Harmony Private Client Advisers can provide you with customized recommendations that will help you plan for your financial future.

Financial Planning

Long-term financial security doesn't happen by chance. Many things in life can have an impact – positive or negative – on your financial well-being. Scott Sanford and Harmony Private Client Advisers are here to help you take control of your future. Together we’ll identify your goals and dreams and help you build and implement a financial plan to achieve them. And because life is unpredictable, we’ll monitor your progress on a regular basis and evolve your plan as your needs and situation change.

Investment Strategies

Your goal to achieve financial security will probably include some level of investing for your future.  Scott Sanford and Harmony Private Client Advisers can offer you expertise that will help align your investment strategy with your goals, time horizon and risk tolerance.

You'll benefit from:

  • Personalized asset allocation
  • Professional research
  • Flexible, high-quality investment options
  • Portfolio re-balancing to maintain your asset allocation
  • A simplified, integrated approach

During regular portfolio reviews, you'll have the opportunity to re-assess your goals and re-balance your portfolio accordingly.

Retirement Planning

Perhaps one of the greatest financial challenges you will face is preparing adequately for your retirement. Scott Sanford and Harmony Private Client Advisers will help you assess your current financial situation, define the retirement lifestyle of your choosing, review the many options available, and apply solutions to help achieve the retirement of your dreams.

Risk Management

  • Life Insurance Planning:  Many people realize that they need insurance. And they have opinions about the type of coverage they prefer. Scott Sanford and Harmony Private Client Advisers can help determine how much you might want, and then help you explore the types of coverage that could fill your needs. A well-constructed life insurance program can be a valuable part of your overall financial security, and we can bring solutions from across the insurance marketplace.

  • Disability Income Planning:  Disability income insurance can protect one of your most valuable assets ... your ability to earn an income.   And because a disability could suspend or terminate your income for an extended period of time, it's important to understand and develop a strategy.  Scott Sanford and Harmony Private Client Advisers can help develop a disability insurance program to ease the financial stress that so often accompanies an extended illness or injury.

  • Long Term Care Planning:  After a lifetime of work and thoughtful preparation, a secure retirement can be your reward. But that security might be compromised if you become unhealthy during those golden years. Generally, people agree that their most important asset is their health so it’s important to understand the impacts and the kind of care you need during an extended illness. Scott Sanford and Harmony Private Client Advisers can assist you in determining your long-term care needs and design solutions to fit your needs, budget, and situation.